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The members of our team hold a wide range of experience in the field of realizing IT projects from the few user systems to the national and even international networks. We have been carrying out work in two main areas so far (and we also wish to keep the same direction with the later goals as well). These two areas are: the development of online based systems and the operation of these. For this aim we have great knowledge related to both software and hardware too.


The work started with planning and information gathering, as every project in a good case. After talking with professional beekeepers and organizations, we discussed, what properties and features should the system have and what types of data should we logging. The final idea in that phase was a master-slave system. An onsite server collects the data from the sensors in the hives and uploads it into a database. Simultaneouslywe created the website for the project. Progress will be uploaded continiously from the beginning so people can access all informations about Smarthives. After that, the hardware team started to search for the devices, what we need. The decision was made to use the arduino platform for the clients, since it’s easily programmable and has a low power consumption due to its sleep states. The onsite server will be based on a Raspberry Pi 2 for later expandibility. While the components are ordered and being shipped, the work on the scale started. After some thoughts we decided, to change the role of the scale, so now it will be a separate unit, which can be used either with or without the system. Then we run into a problem, when constant load applied for a scale, it’s load cell will get deformed, and it starts to report false data. To eliminate this problem, we designed a unique mechanics, which only use the load cell, while it’s mesures. This mechanics has been quickly drawn in a designer software, then we immediately started the production. Meanwhile contact was also been made with Fiware support to create the development account for the project, then we started testing the creation of virtual machines and usage of enablers. For now the other parts are still being shipped, but we already designed more features in the system. A more advanced alarm system will be added then the original, and the scale will get its own LCD display, to be able to do measures without a mobile device, when its out of the system. Of course when a complete system is installed, the management can be done on any internet enabled device, such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

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Project Final - Smarthives

We are happy to announce that our project the SMarthives Administartion interface has arrived to the finel state on 25th February , 2016. This information is based on lots of test and bug fixes well as on users feedback.

Active project - Smarthive

Smarthives is such a beekeeper supporting online system that would help all its beekeeper users and the full beekeeper profession to make huge progress while carrying out the everyday beekeeping activities and duties.
The fundament of the system is an ERP system customized for beekeepers. Here the beekeeper has the opportunity to handle his/her bees (sites and families), the equipment, expenditures and revenues. The software is operational in itself but for the aim of automatizing the tasks the beekeepers can connect sensors to the system to be developed as well. The required sensors and their number depends on the unique demand of the beekeepers (some might only deploy one weight sensor, some others might equip the hive with movement sensors and some others also use thermometers).

en.: https://prezi.com/vbcjj68pvfif/smarthives-ver-eng/
hu.: https://prezi.com/vbcjj68pvfif/smarthives/

Our Team

György Wágner Junior
Connects the different parts: project management, purchase, finances, marketing

+36 30 530 96 69

György Wágner Senior
Coordinates the design and development of the tools and equipment.


György Fülöp
The owner of the idea, responsible for coordinating software development


Gábor Kollár
Software developer


Milán Bartalovics
Tool and equipment developer